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Juke Box

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Compact and simple to use, this machine is made in Italy for Nespresso* compatible capsules. Ready in less than a minute, it is the ideal solution for homes, small offices, and hotel rooms.

• Automatic expulsion
• Automatic timer with 2 programmable doses
• Adjustable temperature
• Energy savings after 10min
• Heating time 60 seconds
• Pump 19 BAR
• Capacity: 0,8 liters
• Storage for 10 capsules
• Dimensions: 33 x 10,5 x h 23,3 cm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• Safety Thermostat
• 1 meter power cable
• 850 W heat exchanger

*Nespresso® is not a trademark of Caffè Moak S.p.a. and is neither controlled nor in partnership, and the name is just used for descriptive purposes.