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Nespresso* - Moak Juke Box Espresso Machine

Nespresso* - Moak Juke Box Espresso Machine

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Italian-Made Nespresso* Compatible Coffee Machine: Compact, Convenient, and Quick

Discover the perfect coffee companion with our Italian-made coffee machine designed for Nespresso* compatible capsules. This compact and user-friendly machine ensures your coffee is ready in under a minute, making it an ideal choice for homes, small offices, and even hotel rooms.

Compact, Quick, and Feature-Packed

Key Features:

**Automatic Expulsion**: Effortless and efficient coffee preparation.
- **Programmable Timer**: Customize your coffee experience with 2 programmable doses.
- **Adjustable Temperature**: Fine-tune your coffee to perfection.
- **Energy-Efficient**: Auto power-saving mode activates after 10 minutes.
- **Rapid Heating**: Enjoy your coffee in just 60 seconds.
- **Powerful Pump**: 19 BAR pressure for exceptional brews.
- **Ample Capacity**: 0.8 liters to meet your coffee needs.
- **Capsule Storage**: Conveniently store up to 10 capsules.
- **Compact Design**: Dimensions of 33 x 10.5 x 23.3 cm for space efficiency.
- **Lightweight**: Weighing only 2.8 kg for easy portability.
- **Safety Assured**: Equipped with a safety thermostat.
- **Ample Power**: Comes with a 1-meter power cable.
- **Efficient Heating**: 850 W heat exchanger for rapid performance.

Please note that "Nespresso®" is used for descriptive purposes only and is not a trademark of Caffè Moak S.p.a. We offer a compatible solution for your coffee enjoyment.

Elevate your coffee experience with our Nespresso* compatible coffee machine today!

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