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Moak International Distributors Malta

ForYou - Forte Rock

ForYou - Forte Rock

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Single or Double?

Indulge in Exceptional Coffee Capsules

Meet Rock, Your Coffee Companion - Single or Double Capsule - 10 capsules per bag 

Experience a coffee capsule like no other, where extravagant aromatic intensity meets extraordinary creaminess. Our coffee capsules are tailor-made for aficionados of rich, full-bodied coffee with a decadently rich flavor profile. Dive into a dense blend that tantalizes your senses with notes of dark chocolate and roasted almond.

Discover the ultimate coffee experience with Rock! Our coffee capsules are meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Creamy, thick blend. Pronounced notes of chocolate and toasted almond. Origin: Brazil, Honduras, Congo, Rwanda, Indonesia, Uganda, Vietnam. Intensity 5/5.

Environmental Sustainability at the Core

At the heart of our mission lies environmental sustainability, and we're proud to share our commitment with you.

Fully Compostable Capsules: A Green Choice

Our fully compostable capsules are the embodiment of eco-friendliness. When you're done enjoying your coffee, rest easy knowing that these capsules can be safely disposed of in your organic-waste bin. 

Responsible Packaging

But that's not all! We're equally dedicated to sustainable packaging. The packaging of our products is designed to be disposed of in your plastic bin, making it convenient and environmentally responsible.

Join us in our journey towards a greener future with every cup of coffee you enjoy.

Fits Coffee Jockey and Twin Coffee Machines.


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